In this modern era, people use so many kind of things to create some pills for diseases, such as animals and plants. People argue that testing the effect of the medicine using animals is wick. On the other hand, there are some benefits when human check the impact of the medicine from the animals. This essay will discuss about both arguments in the following paragraphs.

Admittedly, using animals as a trial and error in a medical world is a very popular activities. Before human check and consume the tablets in a persons, the scientist needs to know the impact to reduce the bad effect from that medicines. There is no easier way except using the animal body which have the similarity in gene or body molecules with human. For instance, people check the effect of the diabetes mellitus tablet in a white mouse, so from that research they can found some vaccines or food to decrease the disease. Of course, it also gives some benefits in a human life. People can be happy and life more healthy than before. Every science on this world have an advantages and disadvantages. If people not take the risk, and not keep continuing the research, more human might be die because of the disease. So, killing a few of animals are better than human extinction.

On the other hand, of course testing the safety of human medicines in animals will hurt them. It is a part of cruelity which can make them die anytime and anywhere, but when we see the positive effect for the science in the future, people perhaps think more. So, using animals as an object might be the best solution to the best medical science in the future.

To sum up, testing the medicine in animals object of course is a wick, but it can be allowed for the human benefit.