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How to be a Great Leader ?

How to be a Great Leader ?


My name is Ilham Maulidin. I’m a student at IPB University as well as an awardee of BAKTI NUSA 8 Bogor.

In this caption, I would like to share my deepest perspective about leadership as I have learned it so much in various activities in “my leadership’s life”. I will share it just in short sentences but I hope it would give you a better insight and mindset about what leadership is.

Well, one of the most insightful moments I have had in my leadership’s life is

Becoming a leader is not always talking about what changes should the young generation or everyone do in the future is. But becoming a leader also needs to doing good things, doing an impactful action in real life started from the small things in our environment and trying to make it possible, achievable, and measurable together in a team.  No matter how big the team is, being a leader should always Inspire others to reach the noble purpose of the organization in the future in any circumstances.

Finally, I could say that the great leader is they who know what they really have to do with their vision and dreams in a team, that is why they will create the best way and build a habit to make the dreams more achievable with their passion together.

We realized that this leadership skill is always being a superior skill among the young generation. Anyway, this skill also not so easy to create in a short time. It might be will take the times a lot, it also needs our consistency and persistence in order to address any kind of problem of the organization faced in. instead of many difficulties we may face in our leadership’s life, I just always remember that I have a dream and I always remind my self, this is my passion, and this is my life. I should keep stronger and being an impactful person every single time.

If you ask me, what is your dream in the future?

To be honest, for the rest of my study at IPB University, I just want to devote myself to my family, to my religion, and to my nation. I really want to make them happy and I really want to be an impactful person for others even just make a change in the small things but I believe that doing good things even in a small thing is better than doing nothing.

I realized that it would be quite complicated and challenges me so much, that is why I need to enrich my leadership skill, mindset, and also experience from everyone especially for those who already and ready makes the biggest impactful action from now until the future, who already done with their self and ready to inspire others. I just feel like this is my life, this is my house to motivate each other.

In the future, I am aspired to be an outstanding researcher and lecturer and make a good impact on the research and education field.

That’s all for my sharing of leadership based on my perspective. Everyone may have their own knowledge and perspective about their leadership’s life that is why I am very eager to learn from you all. Let’s have a deepest discussion and let’s make a big impact!

See you on top!

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