Everyone Has Their Own Parameter On Job Satisfaction

Working is one of the main activities for human beings. They need work to sustain their living as long as it could be. Therefore, having satisfaction in a job can be a reason to stay along with their work. It is believed that definitely there are several factors which can make people achieve their satisfaction. This essay will discuss those factors and then give brief explanations about how realistic job satisfaction is for all employees.


First of all, everyone has their own parameter on job satisfaction, meaning that each of them does not have the same standard. Regarding that explanation, there are various aspects to achieve that kind of satisfaction, such as earning a high salary, flexible time and working with passion. Many people work to gain high income for fulfilling their personal needs. For instance, a worker would feel excited due to receiving a lot of money and spend it to buy anything he wants. Secondly, some people believe that having flexible time is the best way to release their stress of working pressure. Lastly, Working with passion is the goal that many people dream about because working hard for something that we do not care about is called stress, yet working hard for something we love is passion. So, it will trigger people to love their job and work hard for it indirectly.


However, not all those factors are realistic enough to be implemented to reach job satisfaction. It depends on people’s backgrounds. For example, the majority of jobs which have high salary require higher education background, such as bachelor degree or at least a diploma. On the other hand, not all people in the world graduate from university. It means, many of them do not have a higher education title. It will automatically make them do not have a chance to apply for some positions. Unless those people become an entrepreneur who creates a job. Therefore, a high salary as one of the parameters of job satisfaction can not be achieved. Not only that, many positions with high salaries force them so busy and sometimes, it makes them work overtime. Last but not least, finding a job that matches someone’s passion sound hard to find. it happens due to some reasons. one of them is though competition.


By way of conclusion, every worker does not have a similar parameter in reaching job satisfaction. Even though there are diverse definitions of that, not all factors are realistic enough to be obtained. People need to consider many things in looking for a job if they want to stay longer. In my personal belief, I think it is very important to have job satisfaction with what we do.