Euthanasia, Whether Appropriate or Not

Human health and well-being become one of the goals of SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The right to live is a fundamental point of human right and clearly approved by many societies around the world. Regarding on human’s life, there is one practice especially in medical sector called as Euthanasia which is an act conducted by the doctors that kill someone who is very ill so that they do not suffer any more. Since it is very controversial issue, some countries allow this practice to be applied while others are in the opposite. In this essay, author will provide the arguments related to the matter.

First and foremost, Euthanasia in some views and medical perspective will help patients to escape from huge sorrow cause of a certain disease the have. Killing them seen as the solution to eradicate the illness since the doctors do not have any other alternatives to help them recover and getting healthy again. As a brief example, a particular chemical substances injected to patient’s body in order to make their death faster rather than see them facing blood cancer. But, this is insanely cruel because no one have the right to take others’ life.

Each creature in this earth is created by Allah and blessed with a right to live peacefully with no disturbance from other people. Although people are facing a serious illness and seem horribly in great pain, Euthanasia is still believed as improper solution. People are worth of having their life continue and to dead in a best way without any intervention including the doctors. Moreover, every single patient has the chance to recover though the possibility only in tiny percentage. They only need time to see the destiny whether being health anymore or pass away with zero intervention from outsider.

By way of conclusion, at the end of the essay, the writer still bravely confirm to stand against the countries that allow Euthanasia to be held in their nation.