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Can We Trust the Journalist?

Can We Trust the Journalist?

In this era, reading the newspapers or online magazines can help people to improve their knowledge tremendously. Some persons argue that we cannot completely trust the reporters. That argument become a controversial issue, but I believe that the views about something that we watch in the media is not a hundred per cent true, the journalist should have a qualities.

Actually, there are some journalists that we can not trust, especially in the entertainment world. It is because they provide some fake information with the aim that they want to get consumers’ attention. For instance, some reporters fabricate the well-known people stories. Then, they spread out this misleading news in the internet to grow up their rate. Furthermore, the journalists sometimes make a sense and add some private emotions in the news which they publish, so it might reduce the accuracy of the news.

In my personal belief, a good reporter has to share the true information, because if it is not happen, it will hurt someone and i guess it also a type of bullying. Subsequently, they have to know the basic knowledge and skill in writing news, because the basic ability is the important requirement for a journalist. In providing news, the reporters should not add their own emoticon. It is about the social responsibility, because the journalist is a public media communicator and people consume their report.

To sum up, not all of journalists we can trust, so we have to filter the information which we get and become smarter about the new sources. We also can believe a professional reporter only, such as someone who has a good clarification in training. (derakhu)

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